"How I make $350 a day using THEIR car"

Lyft's FLEXDRIVE allows you to use THEIR car (or your own if you want)
New LYFT Drivers can earn at least $1,900 in Milwaukee GUARANTEED.
Just complete 140 rides and boom it's there!

You need to use the link below to get this guarantee:

These are the TIPS on how I make $350 a day driving for LYFT in Milwaukee, Wiscosnsin.  


Did you know that Lyft will provide you a car if you don't have one?  IT'S TRUE!  

Lyft, through their FLEXDRIVE program will rent you a Toyota Prius or a Toyota Corolla (hybrid) for use.  They charge $169 a week but they get 55-65mpg.  I generally fill up about once every three days for $29 as it's only a nine gallon tank.  

I figure it takes about 8 hours a week to cover the cost of the car.  The rest is mine


Lyft publicly states drivers earn between $27-29 an hour in Milwaukee.  This is relatively accurate, but there are tips on how to increase this rate as well on earning extra money through tips.  

This is my daily routine:

1)  I wake up at 3:45am every day and am on the road by 4:15am.  WHY?  Because I'm avoiding all the shenanigans of the bar scene as well as I'm essentially one of the few  drivers on the road.  This means - I am booked solid.  

2)  These rides are mostly bartenders (heavy tippers) heading home or people heading to the MKE International Airport.  These rides also are heavy in tipping.  

3)  If I'm heading to the airport at this hour, I then head immediately to Amazon's distribution center in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.  This location employs over a thousand people and a half of them get off at 5:00-6:00am and about a third need rides.  Most of these rides will take you to Northside Milwaukee - which is a long drive.  




4)  Once in Northside - there are hundreds of people in the medical field (mostly nurses, practitioners and medical assistants) heading to work.  Again - long rides.   These rides will continue in earnest until about 9am.  After that:

5)  There is a very quiet time between 9am and 11am where you will find very few rides.  I then usually head to a park and do a 2-3 mile walk to make sure I don't just sit in my car and gain weight all day.  

6)  At 11am I'll head downtown and hopefully get a ride to the airport.  Again, generally a tipped ride.  At the airport - there are generally about 10-12 flights coming in during this hour and you're very likely heading right back downtown. 

7)  At 12:20am the Amtrak rolls in and there is almost always a shortage of drivers around the station.  

8)  At 1pm - the Northside is teaming with rides and you will stay very busy until 5pm when your 12 hour shift is over.  

You should have about $300-350 in your Lyft account that you can withdrawal immediately to your bank.  It'll be there within a minute or two.  

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